Mission of the Urban Scholars Program

The overall mission of the Urban Scholars Program is to provide participants with the support necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow. Such a mission can only be achieved by addressing key components that ensures our participants become productive self-sustaining adults. In an effort to be successful, Urban Scholars goes the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of each its participants and their families. The program is committed to ensuring that each student receives the necessary tools for social and academic advancement. Our program components are designed to first identify the specific needs of participants, and provide them with quality academic and enrichment activities that foster not only academic and social growth, but also the successful transition into post-secondary education and future entry-level careers. With this in mind, the Program has established the following goals:


Progression of the participant

The Program will ensure that each participant demonstrates consistent improvement in the quality of his or her academics, social wellbeing, and cultural experience.

Fostering the development of a well-rounded individual
The Program will strive to instill the skills and values necessary to succeed through the challenges of adolescence and academia so that they can be successful. Your perspective in addition to these new experiences will challenge you to expand your horizon.

Successful completion of College
The Program considers graduating from a post secondary institution of higher education as the ultimate ongoing academic goal. As such, Urban Scholars makes the commitment to provide support to all participants beyond their high school completion.

Provisions of the Urban Scholars Program

To accomplish its overall mission and goals, the Urban Scholars Program provides essential services to each participant:

Academic Services
After-school tutorials; Saturday enrichment classes; Summer College Experience; standardized test preparation; academic counseling.
Counseling services
Assessment interviews; behavioral counseling; family conferences; referrals to professional services; self- management workshops.
Recreational/ Cultural Activities & Social Awareness
College tours; trips to theaters and museums; excursions to theme parks; program retreats and other educational and social activities.

What is expected of Urban Scholars Students?

                                             “For those to whom much is given, much is expected”

Like other pre-collegiate programs, Urban Scholars asks a great deal from its students. Our Scholars are chosen above others because they possess qualities such as maturity, honesty, academic motivation, and the desire to be successful. It is expected that each individual participant take on a responsibility embodies in becoming a Leader of Tomorrow, a person of intelligence — good judgement — integrity — personal dedication.

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